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This is my story.

In college, I was so lost and struggled with what to do with my life. I wanted to do “big things” but had no idea what that looked like or how to make it happen.

I tested the waters by interning at various companies, but I never felt like I “fit” with any of them. I didn’t feel like I was utilizing my strengths nor was I excited about any job I came across.

As college was coming to an end, I grew increasingly overwhelmed by the pressure from peers, family, and society to “get a good job” and “be successful.” I was so frustrated at myself for not being able to figure life out. I felt like such a failure.

It really sucked. But I knew I couldn’t settle.

After I graduated, I decided to set out to find a career and life that I’m super passionate about, rather than settling for a job I knew I wouldn’t love.

So I took a chance. I started following my heart to whatever opportunities felt right to me. Instead of trying to control every detail, I let my life flow and unfold on its own.

In the following years, I pursued my passion for music, releasing my first album and performing all over LA & in NYC. I became the spokesperson for the largest Asian food festival in LA, and got to be interviewed on NBC, FOX, LA Times, and NPR. I dabbled in on-screen hosting and acting. I read inspiring books and traveled often.

Essentially, I discovered that I could create a lifestyle that I absolutely love. I deeply enjoy the process of creating my dream life: the journey to embracing myself, aligning with my vision, and building the habits and skills to make that life a reality.

“I deeply enjoy the process of creating my dream life: learning to embrace myself, align with my vision, and build the habits and skills to make that life a reality.”


Lavendaire is for the artist of life.

An artist of life is someone who owns her power to envision and create her dream life.

To her, life is an art—it is the ultimate form of self expression. With this freedom, she sets out to create a life unique to her, one that she absolutely loves.

She starts with what she is given—her gifts, talents, skills, network, resources—and creates from there. Thus begins her journey of exploring, growing, making mistakes, healing and learning to love.

She may not always know where she’s going or what she’s doing, but she lets her heart and intuition lead. Uncertainty and risk are just part of the creative process.

This process of creating is a dance between the artist’s intentions and a divine guide. As her life unfolds, so does her masterpiece. One stroke leads to another, and the painting comes to life.

In the end, her life is beyond what she could have imagined in the beginning. It is even better.


Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece.