Executive Assistant

Seeking an executive assistant to join the Lavendaire team!

At Lavendaire, we create high quality, empowering content and resources to help people create their dream lives.

This is a role that blends administrative, creative, and marketing tasks—one that wears many hats. You would be Aileen’s right-hand person, assisting with all things digital and in-person.

The ideal person for this role:

  • Extremely organized (Type A) and detail-oriented
    • You’re amazing at organization, both digitally & in life, and enjoy helping others organize their life.
  • Strong writing & verbal communication skills
    • You’re confident in your writing skills for content & email outreach. You enjoy talking to people & forming meaningful connections.
  • Problem solver, proactive & independent
    • You’re resourceful & willing to figure things out, but you’re also not afraid to ask for help. You think ahead about what others need & enjoy making peoples’ lives easier.
  • Values excellence & continuous improvement
    • You pride yourself in high standards & excellent work. You enjoy learning & improving.
  • Leadership qualities
    • You’re able to lead and are excited to help nurture & build a strong community.
  • Social media savvy
    • You’re on top of all the latest trends & follow many influencers/brands in the space.


  • Producer & creative assistant (help plan content & launch campaigns)
  • Digital & life organization—from organizing b-roll files to running errands
  • Copywriting & proofreading
  • Managing the blog & podcast
  • Community relations—managing our community, ambassadors & influencer relations
  • Research & gathering inspo


  • Based within 25 miles of Brea, CA
  • Interest in personal growth

A plus:

  • Experience working in social media, marketing, e-commerce or project management
  • Viewer of the channel, passionate about the Lavendaire brand

This is an hourly position, est. 20-30 hours per week, to start immediately. Most work will be remote; in-person only when needed.

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