Dream Life Series #1: Master Your Mindset 🌻

Hey love,

Welcome to Video #1 in the Dream Life Series! We’ll be starting with your MINDSET.

In order to make your dream life a reality, you first have to master your mindset. You have to truly believe in yourself and believe your dream life is possible, even when you don't see progress right away.

Today’s video will walk you through different aspects of the Artist of Life mindset, one that will be the foundation for this entire series.

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Journal Prompts: Master Your Mindset

Download the worksheet below to print out the journaling prompts or simply write in the digital PDF—make sure you download the file onto your computer in order to fill it out and save your work! You can also see the prompts below.

These will guide your thoughts until you feel confident that your mindset can take you forward through the series.

  • Do I believe in myself? Do I believe I deserve to live my dream life? Do I believe that it's truly possible? Why or why not?
  • Do I take responsibility for everything in my life? What do I not take responsibility for? How can I change the way I respond to that?
  • How can I take more responsibility for my life?
  • Do I believe that I can grow and change? When in my life have I changed/grown for the better?
  • List all the things I've already achieved in my journey that I'm proud of. Am I inspired by my own journey?
  • Do I usually listen to my head or my heart? What is my intuition telling me about my journey?
  • What promises will I make to myself to stay on course in this journey?

Carve out time to answer these questions thoughtfully. You can try to do them all in one sitting, or answer one a day. The pace is totally up to you.

I usually like to journal "stream-of-consciousness" style, which is basically letting my thoughts flow onto the paper without filtering myself. Write out your thoughts exactly as they come. Don't overthink it, just let it flow out. You might be surprised by what you find.

That’s all for today! The next email (Rediscovering Yourself) will be coming to you in a couple days. See you then!

Love + light,