Dream Life Series #8: Self Care, Healthy Habits & Finding Balance 🌻

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Focused and consistent work towards your dream life will be exhausting at times. Don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way. Today’s video is about: SELF CARE, HEALTHY HABITS & FINDING BALANCE.

You want a balance between committing to your goals and committing to your health and lifestyle that makes working on your goals possible. But what does the ideal balance look like? There’s no magic, one-size-fits-all routine. It’s whatever combination of habits and routines that you can sustain, that won’t leave you stressed or burnt out over time. Let’s learn how to create that unique life balance for you.

Today’s video will teach you how to create sustainable lifestyle routines that keep you happy, healthy, and productive.

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Self Care & Ideal Habits Worksheet

Download the worksheet below to print out or write in the digital PDF (make sure to download the file onto your computer to fill it out and save your work!).

This worksheet will guide you through building your daily and weekly self care routine. You’ll explore the specific value each habit will contribute to your well-being. You’ll also construct the ideal arrangement of your habits throughout your day/week, to make committing to routines easy and intuitive.

Remember to only commit to habits that are valuable to you and your own life. There are a lot of things we think we should be doing that might not be relevant to our current lives. Give yourself permission to push those habits aside, in favor of ones that can make the most impact right now.

We’re wrapping up the Dream Life Series soon, so next video will be a Q&A answering your questions about the series and creating your dream life!

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