Join the Lavendaire Journaling Series!

lavendaire pastel notebooks for journaling

A guided journaling experience.

New to journaling? Not sure how to start? Feeling uninspired by your current journaling routine?

The Lavendaire Journaling Series is a FREE 6-part video and email course with journaling prompts & exercises to help you gain insights and clarity into life through the power of journaling.

This series will walk you through different journaling topics to explore your biggest dreams, unpack your darkest fears, reveal your best self, and so much more. Plus, you'll get 100+ journaling prompts you can revisit whenever you'd like!

Topics we'll explore:

  1. How to Start Journaling: 5 Ideas for Beginners
  2. Journaling for: Self Reflection & Unpacking Emotions
  3. Journaling for: Fear, Anxiety & Worries
  4. Journaling for: Dreams, Goals & Success
  5. Journaling for: Healing & Forgiveness
  6. Journaling for: Self Love & Happiness

Through this journaling series, you'll have more insights, clarity, and understanding of your true self. Ready to join?