Dream Life Series #3: Clarify What You Want 🌻

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Ready for Video #3? Today’s lesson is huge: ENVISION YOUR DREAM LIFE.

We covered the WHY behind your dream life. But to take it further, we’re exploring the WHERE & WHAT of that life. We’re creating the entire thing, but in your mind and on paper first. When you have this super clear vision of what you want your dream life to look like, you will feel aligned to making it happen.

Today’s video will guide you to reveal what you really want out of life, the exact conditions that will make up your day-to-day dream life.

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Vision Exercises

Creating your specific vision is a big task, so we have a few homework exercises to guide you today.

Vivid Vision

Download the worksheet to print out or write in the digital PDF (make sure to download the file onto your computer to fill it out and save your work!).

For inspiration, you can also download an example of my 2015 Vivid Vision.

To complete yours, reflect on areas that matter to you: health, relationships, career, personal growth, money, home, creativity, spirituality, adventure, etc. What would you like your life in June 2021 to look like in those areas? Lean in and be as specific as possible for what those areas will look like three years from now.

Ideal Day

Another way to do this exercise is creating a Vivid Vision for your Ideal Day. What does just a snapshot of your dream life look like?

Keep your Vivid Vision where you’ll see it often and read it before bed every night.

Here’s my video where I first shared the Vivid Vision exercise.

Current Me vs. Future Me

The Current Me vs. Future Me exercise is perfect to find the specific ways you can grow to achieve your vision, and also ways that you’re already living it out! On a piece of paper or in a notebook, label the left side “Current Me” and the right side “Future Me.”

Under Current Me, draw your current self and paint a picture of the thoughts, emotions, and qualities the current you has. Under Future Me, do the same, but for your ideal self.

Here you can see a copy of my first Current Me vs. Future Me that I drew in 2012. Here's a video of me drawing my 2017 Current Me vs. Future Me.

Vision Board

Gather images that inspire you and align with your life vision. Arrange them onto a board in a way that looks pleasing to you. Just like your Vivid Vision, place your board where you’ll see it often: on your bedroom wall, as your desktop background, etc. You can also make a digital vision board on Pinterest!

Here’s my video where I go into detail on How to Make a Vision Board.

Remember to have fun with these exercises! It should be exciting to create your dream life in such detail.

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