Dream Life Series #4: Release What’s Holding You Back 🌻

Hey love,

If you’ve been feeling any resistance to the exercises in the series so far, today’s video is for you: RELEASE what’s holding you back.

It’s natural to be afraid of the changes we’re making in this series. We often find endless reasons for why we “can’t” change, even when we know many of those reasons are excuses we make to ourselves to stay in our comfort zones. But you know growth only happens outside of it.

Today’s video will help you uncover and understand the exact fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from welcoming change into your life. Keep this lesson in mind as you work through future exercises in the series!

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Fear Setting Exercise

Download the worksheet below to print out or write in the digital PDF (make sure to download the file onto your computer to fill it out and save your work!).

This exercise will walk you through analyzing your rational and irrational fears related to pursuing your dream life. Putting your fears into a new perspective will empower you to rise above them, instead of letting them take over you.

Rewriting My Beliefs Journal Prompts

Download the worksheet to print or write digitally. You can also see the prompts below:

  • What beliefs do I have that could be holding me back?
  • How can I rewrite those beliefs to support my growth & journey?
  • What do I need to let go of in order to truly flourish in my dream life?

Both of these exercises may be difficult and take some time to complete, but try not to get discouraged. Remember: What you put off out of fear or discomfort is often the thing you most need to do, including these exercises!

Hope you enjoyed this one. Catch the next video + email on Taking Action in a couple days!

Love + light,