Dream Life Series #5: Take Action & Be Consistent 🌻

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Are your big dreams exciting you yet? Put that energy towards today’s video: TAKE ACTION, BE CONSISTENT.

You found your WHY, envisioned your WHAT, and tackled the WHAT IFs (your fears). Now you’re ready for the HOW: How exactly will you make your dream into a reality? We’re breaking your vision down into the actual steps you’ll take on a day-to-day basis. And yes, it will take daily actions, since small consistent steps always lead to exponential growth over time.

Today’s video will show you how to create an action plan for your dreams and how to stay on course along the way.

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Action Planning Worksheet

Download the worksheet below to print out or write in the digital PDF (make sure to download the file onto your computer to fill it out and save your work!).

Write your big dream for the series at the top. Pick ONE goal that will make the most impact on your dream. This is what you’ll focus on for the next 90 days (or whatever time frame you set for yourself). Break the goal down into actionable steps and select the three most important ones. These will be the steps you’ll take next, so give them deadlines and put them in your calendar!

If any steps seem overwhelming, keep breaking them down until you arrive at the easiest next step that you’re confident you can take action on.

Consistency Tracker

Download the worksheet below and write that ONE goal from the Action Planning Worksheet at the top.

At the end of every week during the time frame you set for yourself, describe the progress you’ve taken towards that goal: the actions you took and the results you produced.

No matter how small a step you take, track it in your worksheet. All efforts you put toward your goal count as progress, even if you don’t see big results. You won’t create your dream life in a day or a week, so give yourself some time to build up progress.

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