Dream Life Series #6: Manifesting & Trust 🌻

Hey love,

Sometimes a little more than scheduling to-dos and meeting deadlines will help you create your dream. Today’s video is about MANIFESTING & TRUST.

As you take continue to take action, a certain invisible force meets you and your efforts in order to help you move along. Call it what you will, it can be empowering to embrace this invisible force and allow it to help in co-creating your dream. All it takes is trust in the process.

Today’s video will show you how to transform your thoughts into reality and recognize different types of signs in your life.

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Scripting Exercise

Download the worksheet below to print out or write in the digital PDF (make sure to download the file onto your computer to fill it out and save your work!).

The scripting journaling exercise will allow you to ‘live’ or ‘experience’ your dream life through writing. Write as if you have already achieved all that you want for yourself. Try to truly feel what it’s like to already have what you write.

Affirmation Exercise

Write an affirmation that makes you feel supported by the universe, like the universe has your back in all you wish to do. If you can’t think of one right now, you can use any of the ones below:

  • I am loved, supported, and guided by the universe.
  • Everything happens for my greatest good and I am exactly where I am meant to be.
  • I have faith that the universe will bring what is meant for me at the right time.
  • With and through the universe, I co-create my most successful life.

Carry this affirmation with you throughout your day - Set this as your phone background to remind you of your intentions. Whenever you see it, ACT AS IF your intention is true, FEEL it with gratitude, and continue to VISUALIZE it as your reality.

After developing your trust in the universe, you can focus on how to navigate the obstacles that will come your way along the journey. The next email (The Journey & Its Obstacles) will give you tips on how to persist through them—catch you again in a couple days!

Love + light,