Dream Life Series #7: The Journey & Its Obstacles 🌻

Hey love,

You’re taking action and working with the universe to create your dream life, but there’s still no guarantee it’ll be easy. Today’s video is on: THE JOURNEY & ITS OBSTACLES.

So far you are prepared for starting your journey: you know where you’re going, why, how, and with whom (the universe!). Next, you need to know how you’ll make it through whatever tries to stop you from success. How do you maintain your endurance mindset? What if fear creeps up again? We’re learning how to stay committed for the long run and not have to stumble at every obstacle along the way.

Today’s video will share five things to keep in mind to help you stay on course with your dreams.

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Journal Prompts: Letter to Self

Download the worksheet below to print out or write in the digital PDF (make sure to download the file onto your computer to fill it out and save your work!).

Reflect on a time you experienced a major challenge in life. Remember how it felt to overcome that obstacle and how proud you were afterwards.

Write a letter to your past self as you were facing this challenge. What did your past self need to hear at that time, to know that everything would be okay? What words would keep your past self going?

Reread this letter as you face obstacles throughout your current journey to remind yourself of when you were able to make it through a great challenge in the past. Feel the encouragement and embrace the support that comes through in this letter every time you read it.

Consistency Tracker

Remember to use your Consistency Tracker! Not only does it keep you accountable on taking action, it serves as a reminder that you were able to take action no matter what else happened that day or week. You were able to commit to the work, on top of all of your other responsibilities. Allow that to motivate you further!

In the moment, it will always seem easier to give up, rather than to face an obstacle. But you know that nothing that’s worth it in life ever comes easy, so choose to keep going, even if it’s harder, because creating your dream life is so worth it.

The next video in the series will be about finding balance and building positive habits in your day. Look forward to it in a couple days!

Love + light,