Weight lifted from my shoulders

“I feel so inspired and like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Time to get down to business and live.” – Samantha (@kagenco)

Connected in my inner self

“I’ve been doing all the activities in Dream Life Series and it really helped me in finding my true self and also my dream life. It’s amazing how connected I am now in my inner self.” – Kae Co

Source of motivation

“I know when I am off-course on achieving my goals, then I have these videos to remind me that, ‘Hey, you can do it! If you feel burned out then slow down … You can do it!’ I will always have these videos as a source of motivation today and in the long run.” – Katrina … Read more

Direction, clarity, reassurance

“I feel so much better about the direction and clarity I have on what I’m doing to bring about my dream life. I feel reassured that I am doing a good job, that I’m taking care of myself to be my best self, someone I’m proud to be. That makes me quite happy. Thank you, … Read more

Reminds me that I can change

“The Dream Life Series really motivated me and reminds me that I can change, I can grow to be a better person and my dream life isn’t so far away — I just have to take baby steps consistently. This series also taught me that it’s okay to fail, and I have to accept the … Read more

Literally what I needed at the moment

“This is literally what I needed at the moment. I’ve been feeling like I’m going in circles and recently life’s been throwing major curveballs. A reset and new perspective to set on another path would be amazing.” – @donotoverluke

Favorite workbook I’ve purchased

“Because I tend to get caught up in day to day details, the AOL workbook helped me stay focused on my larger goals that at first seemed nearly impossible. I’ve met some amazing women in the Facebook group and it’s amazing to see us all grow together. I’ve bought a few other workbooks before, the … Read more

Changed my mindset

“The Lavendaire Artist of Life Workbook has completely changed my mindset to one where I look forward, make plans and celebrate my successes. It’s been the guide that has helped me begin to enjoy life again!” ⎯ Ellie (@catandcomma)

Highly Recommend!

“I highly recommend joining the Mastermind Facebook group when you get the workbook! The group is awesome! Everyone is so kind and helpful, and it is a great place to find people who are feeling the same way or going through similar experiences to you so that you know you are not alone, and it … Read more

Love the workbook!

“I love the 2017 Artist of Life Workbook – it is so beautifully laid out and helps you go into a lot of depth when it comes to your goals for the year (and beyond) in all aspects of your life, from health and work to your home, finances, relationships and creativity.” ⎯ Rhiannon