Taking charge of my life

“If I had to summarise what this workbook gave me in one sentence, I would say, ‘It made me in-charge of my life.’ 6 months of this workbook and constant support from the group has changed my thinking from ‘I am stuck with this boring life’ to ‘Trying to live a life of passion.’” ⎯ Ujala

So Supportive

“Everyone is supportive of each others ideas & dreams. Nobody says ‘You can’t,’ everybody says ‘I believe in you.’ I love that.” ⎯ Rabea (@rayowag)

Awesome resources & supportive people

“I loved being in the facebook group! So many awesome resources were shared and I met so many amazing and supportive people. I think the best part was being able to see the accomplishments of others, it really helped me to become motivated myself!” ⎯ Sarah Murphy (@symftw)

Source of Inspiration

“Once filled, the Workbook has become a source of inspiration and a reflection of my very soul. It has had an incredibly amazing impact on me, helping me realize who I really am and who I want to become. The exercises have served me to reflect on the aspects of my life that I think … Read more

Game Changer

“The Artist of Life Workbook is a game changer. It has made my goals tangible, given me insights into my life that I may not have thought of otherwise, and helped me to prioritize my life based on not just what I want, but why I want it. It’s design is simple, beautiful, and focused, … Read more

That feeling

“Listening to this podcast is like being on the phone with one of your soul friends; it is a beautiful reminder of that feeling inside of peace & contentment. Thank you Lavendaire” – Alyson

Inspiring, Wise, and Stylish

“Aileen is pure magic! I love listening to her. I just listened to Trust in the Guidance of the Universe. She talks about how you should follow what truly excites you. It might be right in front of you and lead to beautiful things. My favorite podcasts are her solo ones, where she talks about … Read more


“Very comforting, soothing podcast to listen to. It’s really inspiring to hear from a girl who is discovering who she is and what she wants and who is comfortable sharing her experiences honestly and in real-time. She’s like the older sister you wish you had.” – finallytime

relevant & inspiring

“The Lavendaire Lifestyle by Aileen was more than what I expected; her voice is soothing and calming. I have been following her on YouTube for a while but the podcast is deeper and really gets you looking at yourself. I am a creative not doing what I want but this podcast has given me a … Read more

The answer to my prayers!

“A friend referred me to Lavendaire because I’ve been going through a rough time in my life when it comes to making career choices, scary decisions, and decluttering my life! I watched Lavendaire’s YouTube videos and listened to her podcasts and now the choices that I have to make are so clear! Thank you for … Read more