“Thank you for everything. Your podcast has help me push through difficult times and has influenced me to make positive changes in my life and still continues to do so. I tune in to past episodes as if I’m hearing for the first time. Thank you Aileen, can’t wait for the next season. Much love … Read more

Awesome Podcast

“Thank you Aileen for putting this podcast and all the ideas of introspection, fulfillment, and self-love into the world. The show has a remarkable ability to connect with such a wide variety of guests and perspectives.” – K HH

Changed My Life

“Thankyou ( 1000 times) Aileen , I’m very inspired by your Youtube videos and podcasts. When I found your channel , I watched every single of your videos & try to apply every single advice that you shared into my real life. I started journaling & loving my self because of you! Great podcasts! My … Read more


“I stumbled upon Lavendaire on YouTube first and I loved all of Aileen’s tips and tricks to living a fulfilling life! When I realized she had a podcast, I knew I had to listen!! Aileen is very relatable and after every episode I take something away that I can implement into my life to make … Read more