10 Questions to Ask to Know If You’re on the Right Path

How do you know if you're on the right path? Here are 10 questions to reflect & check in with yourself—signs that you're on the right path.


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  • What are your values, and do they align with your current path?
  • Are you feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your current path?
  • Are you facing challenges in a healthy way?
  • Are you doing things outside of your comfort zone?
  • Are you making progress towards your goals?
  • Are you taking care of your physical, mental, emotional health?
  • Are you surrounded by supportive and positive people?
  • Are you doing things that bring you joy?
  • Do you have a gratitude practice?
  • Are you living with intention and purpose?
How much do you really know about yourself?

Discover more about yourself and what you want out of life with this free downloadable list of 30 self reflection journaling prompts.

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