2020 Goals: PLAN WITH ME for the new year

Plan with me for the new year: Reflecting on my 2019 highlights, setting intentions for 2020, 2020 goals, and doing the current me vs future me exercise in my Artist of Life Workbook ✨

2019 was a great year for healing, self love, self care and giving myself more time & space to reflect and learn. This was the year I gave back to myself and gave myself the time and space to reflect and work on healing my childhood stories, self worth issues, and more.

To evolve even further, I decided my theme for 2020 would be Expansion. To embody my theme, here's what I jotted down:

  • courage over comfort
  • show up
  • step up as a leader
  • build and lead a strong team
  • use feedback and learnings to keep improving
  • be humble and open minded to learn

My goals for 2020 fell into three categories:

Wellness Goals

  • Put my health, wellness and peace first.
  • Plant-based, healthy eating and exercise, and daily meditation

Career Growth & Leadership Goals

  • Implement a better workflow
  • Build an A+ team around the Lavendaire
  • Redesign my website
  • Launch new jewelry
  • Write my book

Relationship Goals

  • Dedicate more time this year on strengthening my relationships with family and friends

I'm so excited to move forward to 2020! So grateful I get to grow with you. Thanks for being a part of my journey all these years & I have so much I can't wait to share with you.

💝 Check out the 2020 Artist of Life Workbook

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