220: Building Better Communities with Coby Lefkowitz

Many of us dream of a world where we don’t have to rely on cars to get around everywhere. The long commutes can take a toll on you and your relationships overtime. How can we make the world better not just for ourselves but the whole community? Join our conversation with Coby Lefkowitz as we explore how we can build better communities together and how it all starts by simply talking with each other.

Coby Lefkowitz is a real estate developer, writer, and thought leader in the worlds of urban planning and development. Based in New York, and in addition to his own projects at his firm Backyard, Coby works with people and cities around the world in the pursuit of creating more beautiful, walkable, sustainable, and dynamic communities for all. Through his “On Building Optimism” Project, and forthcoming book, he tries to help people understand why the world looks the way it does, and how to create the types of places we all love from scratch, highlighting projects that are doing this today around North America. Coby tries to marry romantic ways of looking at the world with how to actually implement them in our built environment, something he calls romantic pragmatism.




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