How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (A Flower Blooms)

Let's stop comparing ourselves to each other and instead, start loving ourselves and supporting each other fully. This video comes in two parts: A Flower Blooms vignette, and then practical tips on how to stop comparing yourself to others.

A Flower Blooms

A Flower Blooms is about how we tend to feel insecure or unworthy when we compare ourselves to others. Yes, this girl may be smart, talented, creative, beautiful, and that’s true. But that doesn’t diminish who you are. Why do you shrink when you see that? You are beautiful, smart, talented, creative, capable too. You are a light, too.

You are both beautiful in your own right. Her beauty does not diminish your beauty. Your beauty does not diminish hers. Instead of comparing and competing, you might find that you two actually complement each other, and you two together = better & more than when you stood apart. If you can bloom confidently, you’ll find that you’re stronger and happier when you stand together.

“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

In order to move towards a more supportive & loving community, we must start with our own self love & confidence. You must bloom, confidently. Know your self worth. Love yourself. Only then can you move forward to support others compassionately and positively.


Full text of the vignette:

Which is better. A lily or a rose?

If you ask anyone, the answer will depend on their taste. They might think a rose is better, or maybe a lily. Or neither.

You might think: Who cares? And you’re right. It’s not even a real argument. But too often, it is.

The truth is, each flower has its own unique beauty and essence.

You simply cannot compare the two.

I may be a lily and she may be a rose. Is a lily better than a rose? Or a rose better than a lily?

There is no real answer. You can’t compare.

A rose is beautiful, but its beauty does not diminish the beauty of a lily. A lily does not shrivel down and lose its worth when compared to a rose.

Quite frankly, the rose and lily together might make an interesting bouquet.

Now, think of all the bouquets you’ve seen. Each of them, beautiful in their own right. A unique mix of flowers artfully crafted to complement and balance each other out.

Each flower is beautiful on its own, but there is a new kind of beauty when you bring different flowers together and allow them to coexist, complement and collaborate with each other. There’s an enhanced value and beauty that you can’t really measure.

So if we’re talking about the rose or the lily, and which one is better. Let’s just say: a rose is beautiful. And a lily is beautiful. They’re incomparable and it’s a waste of time to even try to compare.

Instead, let the rose complement the lily, and the lily complement the rose. Let them come together to create something even more beautiful.

The next time you catch yourself comparing yourself to others… remember this:

“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. A flower just blooms.”

How much do you really know about yourself?

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