Lessons from Bali: Healing, Self Worth, Living a Full Life

Lessons from my first week of yoga, healing & self care in Ubud, Bali. I almost wasn't going to share this bc it's so long, but I thought the lessons & insights into my week could help some of you, so I'm posting it on this vlog channel!

My vlog channel is where I post a more casual, less edited version of my life & thoughts 🙂


  • 0:56 – yoga classes & activities I did in my first week
  • 1:24 – breathwork experience & insights
  • 3:01 – synchronicities & connections
  • 6:46 – on suppressed emotions, tension, stress
  • 8:57 – the cycles of contraction & expansion (seasons of life)
  • 10:50 – personal insights on self love & self worth
  • 20:47 – learning to be the fullest expression of yourself
  • 22:38 – new thought on what my cramped hands mean


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