Bucket List Challenge: Things To Do Before 2019

Reviewing my 2018 bucket list and challenging myself to cross off as many bucket list items as I can in two weeks! This was my list of “things to do before 2019” I wrote in the Artist of Life Workbook at the beginning of the year. I realized that the items weren't impossible – tackling your bucket list items simply takes a little bit of awareness, time and effort to plan and make them happen. I hope this encourages you to review your bucket list and see what you can take action on NOW. Enjoy the rest of your year with your loved ones 💕

What are your bucket list items that you want to tackle next?

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Prepare for 2019: New Year Videos

P.S. I've literally had Harry Potter World on my bucket list for YEARS & I'm so happy I finally went (thanks to this challenge)! My Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw! Comment your Hogwarts house if you've read this far 🙂

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