5 Questions to Create an Amazing Year in 2015

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Feeling excited for the fresh year? Put it to good use!

Today, I present five questions that will help you close 2014 with a bang and create an amazing year for yourself in 2015. The new year is probably one of my favorite times of the year because there is so much energy, hope, and drive to live our fullest…

I hope this video helps you plan and create your best year yet! Good luck!

5 Questions to Create an Amazing New Year

1. What were the HIGHLIGHTS of 2014?

  • Review the major things that happened this year. When were you happiest and most excited? What were your best days?
  • List at least 10 highlights

This gives you a sense of what you’ve accomplished this year—be proud! We remember the things we capture or write down, so this is how you will remember 2014 in the future

2. What did you LEARN in 2014?

  • List your biggest lessons learned this year and include any experience(s) tied to them
  • Capture this wisdom to carry with you forever

Taking note of what you learned in the past year will help you avoid making the same mistakes again. It always helps you to be more mindful of the lessons you've learned.

3. How did you / your life EVOLVE in 2014?

  • How are you different today from who you were in January 2014?
  • How is your life different today from how it was last year?

Make sure you’re growing and constantly evolving. If you or your life haven’t changed much, maybe you should try to take more risks or learn something new next year. Don’t stay stagnant and don’t get too comfortable. You want to be continuously leveling up!

4. What do you want to INVITE into your life in 2015?

  • What do you want to EXPERIENCE? What do you want to FEEL?
  • List any habits you want to create, what you want to improve, what you want to learn, where you want to go this year
  • You can set goals, but make sure you don’t set too many or else they may become those infamous “New Years Resolutions” that never become realized
  • FOCUS & COMMIT to a small number of important goals that you BELIEVE are possible to achieve
  • Constantly review your goals and intentions as often as you can. Put the law of attraction to work!

Be honest with yourself, and dare to dream big. Your answers here should make you so excited you could fly off the roof!

5. What is your THEME for 2015?

  • Pick one word or a short phrase, to be your focus and guide for 2015

Your theme is your guiding light: it helps you prioritize when you face a dilemma/decision or if you ever fall off the path. My theme for 2014 was Patience & Perseverance, because I needed to teach myself that quality takes time and commitment. My theme for 2015 is Flow—to be in a relaxed productive state, and aligned with my purpose with everything that I do.

Bonus: Create a VISION BOARD

  • Find images that inspire you and images that depict what you want to invite into your life
  • Arrange on a digital or analog canvas or board
  • Set your vision board in a place where you will see it very often

A vision board is a powerful thing, and a concept worthy of its own post. For now, feel free to google it for examples and more info.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it! I honestly wish you a very happy, amazing, and successful 2015, because YOU deserve to thrive. Sending you all my love and light.

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