Creative Tip: Make Time to Make Stuff

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Today's video features a simple quick tip for my creatives out there: Make time to make stuff.

I've read that planning is the job of making something happen that may not otherwise—and it's true. You have to plan creative time for yourself if you really want to get work done. The difference between a creative hobbyist and a creative “pro” (as Pressfield says in The War of Art) is that pros make time for creative work; they treat it as a real commitment and put in their hours regardless of how they feel. They don't wait for inspiration to hit, they show up, they work and then inspiration finds them at work.

I've started creating time blocks in my calendar for creative work and treating it like a school schedule that I need to adhere by. I'm still working on it; but it's really helping me to set aside time for creative work and leave emails and work work aside. For people who work from home or have a flexible schedule, it's so easy to blend work, emails, and social media throughout the day and let time fly. To break out of that, it's helpful to put some structure back into your life and create time blocks or lines between time spent on email, work, creating, and play. A lot of us feel that we don't have time to do things, but really it's because we haven't tried to really make time for them. So make time to make stuff. Simple but powerful. Good luck everyone!

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