Dance Q&A: How to get started & overcome insecurity ft. STEEZY

How do you get started with dance? How do you overcome insecurity or shyness? How do you balance a creative hobby with school/work? I visited my friends at STEEZY to answer some of your questions about dance and creativity!

A lot of you may not know that I used to dance in college + my early 20s on various hip hop teams. I still love the dance community and I'm so proud of my friends for starting STEEZY bc they're making dance more accessible for people around the world. I'm always inspired by the creative, entrepreneurial people around me so I want to be able to share more of that world with you guys! Hope you enjoyed this one.

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[0:56] How I got started with dance
[3:58] How can someone with no experience get started with dance?
[4:55] How to get over insecurity or fear of judgment
[6:15] How do you balance a creative hobby with school/work?
[9:53] How can you be original & find your own voice?
[11:37] How did you grow confident & comfortable with yourself?

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