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Picture Taipei Duo

Earlier this year, I went to Taiwan with a team from LA to shoot a short film called Picture Taipei, a pure passion project. Today, I'm so excited to share our film's trailer and Kickstarter campaign!

Please visit our page and watch our video below to learn more about the film and the team behind this project.

Picture Taipei is about a girl's journey to finding herself and learning to live an authentic life. It's a story about rediscovering yourself and learning to do what you want to do instead of living life by default. The story is based off my personal experience as well as our director's, so the core message really holds a special place in my heart.

I've been creating and sharing free content on my blog and YouTube channel for over a year now, and I'm so grateful to have this platform to share tidbits of knowledge and inspiration from my personal journey. Whether I'm learning how to live minimally, be more confident, or live in the present, I hope that what I've shared through Lavendaire has positively impacted your life, even if just a little.

If you've felt any impact from what I've given through Lavendaire, I ask that you consider giving back by supporting my Kickstarter campaign, and help fuel my own passions and dreams. Any support would mean the world to me. Regardless, I love and appreciate you so very much!

Thank you for your attention, your support, your love.

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