The Art of Finding Balance

balance blogSo many people talk about hustling hard, going fast, doing whatever it takes to get there. They view the journey as only a means to an end, rushing past the beauty of life in the present in hopes of making it to that future destination ASAP.

Admittedly, I've been there. But lately I've been reminded that this journey we're on should not feel like a means to an end. This journey we're on is the life we get to live. So how do you make the most of the journey? How do you enjoy living “now” while simultaneously hustling toward the future?

Recently, I heard a quote that resonated with me: “Success at the speed of balance.” What does it mean? That we should go only as fast as we can handle, without neglecting a full and balanced life.

This week's video is all about the art of finding your balance. I'm no expert, but I'm learning. Watch this, and then reflect on how you spend your time. Are you paying attention to everything that is important to you? Remember, what you focus on grows, so allocate your attention wisely.

Q: How do you find your balance? Please share your tips in the comments below. Wishing you all the best!

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