How to Deal with Self Criticism: 7 Tips

Do you ever put too much pressure on yourself? Do you compare yourself to others on social media? Today I wanted to share my take on how to deal with self criticism and overwhelm because I'm pretty sure we all do this on some level in our lives.

After taking a break I've been feeling unproductive and a bit overwhelmed by all that I want to do but am not doing at the moment. Add into the mix comparing my low points to the high points of others on social media. I realize that I go through phases of feeling strong, empowered, inspired and creative, and dip into phases of feeling lazy, unproductive and low energy – and then I feel bad/guilty/disappointed about being that way. My overachieving mind always seems to make me feel like I'm never doing enough.

Today's tips are some ways I'm learning to deal with this and rise above it. I'm doing better now, especially after some journaling sessions and meditation to bring me back to Love. Hope you enjoyed these tips, and can't wait to hear your tips too.

How to deal with self criticism

  1. Understand you are your own worst critic
  2. Embrace and honor your cycles
  3. Forgive yourself for being hard on yourself
  4. Take care of your body
  5. Disconnect from social media
  6. Reflect: What do you have now that you once wished for?
  7. Do something that brings you joy

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