Knowing Your Mindset: Fixed vs. Growth

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Do you have the right mindset? This lesson is based off the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. After reading about the fixed vs. growth mindsets and their consequences, I knew this concept was too important not to share.

If I wasn't clear in this video, I recommend that you read the book yourself to fully grasp an understanding of these mindsets (especially if you're a parent, teacher, coach).

If you realized that you've had a fixed mindset, know that you can change! You can always choose to adopt the growth mindset. Strive for growth and learning, not to prove yourself (because you don't have to!) ūüôā

Read the book¬†‚Ėł¬†Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

Below are some great graphics to help you better understand the two mindsets.





I will be honest РI didn't absolutely love the book, so it won't be going on my favorites list. I thought the author spent too much time giving example after example, that I skipped through many of the middle chapters on sports stories. Still, I think the basic concept is really important for everyone to grasp. If you can understand these mindsets by reading blogs & summaries online, then you'll get the gist of the book. But if you believe you have a deeply fixed mindset and are looking to adopt the growth mindset, then I'd recommend you read the book since it goes deep.

How much do you really know about yourself?

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