Liberation Kriya: Final Thoughts & Lessons

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Here are some (additional) lessons I've learned after completing the Liberation Kriya 40 day meditation:

You will always have to put in effort. It never becomes completely effortless or too easy. 
If you feel like the meditation (or journey) is effortless or easy, then you're not pushing yourself enough. The journey should never get too comfortable; you always have to push yourself to do better and work harder, because that's how you're going to grow.

You feel stronger and more in control when you are being active vs. being passive.
There's a difference between being active and being passive in this meditation. I felt so much stronger when I engaged my muscles and pushed my arms out than when I just held my arms up against gravity. I also felt more in control of my body and how I felt, because I was doing the pushing. When I was passive, I felt controlled by environmental factors because I was reacting to and battling gravity. The lesson: Be (pro)active, take control of yourself, your body, and your emotions. Let the strength come from within you.

If you want to succeed, commit 100%. Giving up is not an option.
Self explanatory. Commit until the end, no matter what. If you have this principle instilled in you, then you will be able to conquer anything. I encourage everyone to commit to a new habit for 40+ days. You're going to be so motivated once you see the growth in your journey. Start small with a simple habit like flossing. Then learn to commit to bigger things until you can commit to making your biggest dreams and goals come true.

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