133: Business Failures & Becoming an Entrepreneur in Fashion w/ Showpo Founder Jane Lu

“No one shops online.” Today, that sentence sounds ridiculous – some of us only shop online. But back when Jane Lu was just starting her entrepreneurship journey, that sentence resulted in the failure of her first business venture. Almost a decade later, Jane is the self-proclaimed “Lazy CEO” and founder of Showpo, Australia's fastest growing online fashion retailer.

But what if that first failure convinced Jane to quit entrepreneurship altogether? In this episode, Jane shares her journey from pretending to have a job to please her parents (even while living with them!) to propelling Showpo to success with the power of social media.

In this episode we explore:
  • 1:24 – Parent expectations after graduation, the dullness of cubicle life & the urge to stay in your comfort zone
  • 5:48 – “No one shops online”: Jane's failed first business + Pretending to have a job for six months
  • 11:17 – Showpo & social media: How America's Next Top Model changed the game for Showpo's success
  • 20:50 – Building a brand by building an inspired team + A week in the life of “The Lazy CEO”
  • 23:39 – Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs procrastinating on making the first move to start a business
  • 25:48 – Bad reviews, criticism & haters: How to deal with negative attention as a business
  • 27:13 – Jane's dream life, book recommendation, life-changing habit, best received advice & favorite part about life
Show notes:
  • You don't realize what you're learning until afterwards.
  • The biggest motivator is seeing a little bit of success.

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