149: How to Glow Up w/ Alivia D’Andrea

If you've ever hit rock bottom, you know there are only two types of thoughts that go through your head while you're there: 1) This is the end, or 2) This is the beginning. Today's guest, Alivia D'Andrea, is sharing her rock bottom journey, from falling down to glowing up.

Alivia is best known for The Glow Up Diaries, a raw and vulnerable video series capturing her darkest moments while trying to undergo a transformation of her body, mind, and spirit. Today's episode is vulnerable story about self discovery, dealing with harsh failures, and embracing your growth.

Note: This episode discusses disordered eating.

In this episode we explore:
  • 1:22 – Hitting rock bottom & the harsh reality of deciding to glow up
  • 7:57 – How to start your own glow up journey when you're scared of failure
  • 8:54 – Alivia's YouTube journey: Years of no growth + Finding her voice online
  • 13:32 – Is there such a thing as being too vulnerable and open online?
  • 15:53 – Why Alivia took a break from YouTube…after hitting 1 million subscribers
  • 18:46 – Dealing with societal standards of beauty during a self transformation
  • 20:20 – A mindful morning in Alivia's life: Habits & intentions
  • 22:37 – Alivia's dream life, resource recommendation, life-changing habit, best received advice & favorite part about life
Show notes:
  • I am a real person. I struggle and I sparkle.
  • Glowing up, healing, it's not linear.
  • Whenever someone's succeeded, they allowed themselves to dream, to expect, to fail, and then all over again until it worked out.
  • Negative thoughts keep you in a toxic cycle. Positive thoughts are what move you forward.

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