167: Living a Compassionate & Conscious Life w/ Sorelle Amore

Be honest: Do you take more from the world than you give? Sorelle Amore had the “best job on the planet”, taking glamorous photos all around the world during three months of luxury travel. Today she's slowing down, staying local, and asking: Now, how can I *give* instead?

Sorelle's sharing regrets from her early years of travel, lessons from living an “Instagram-worthy” life, and her hopes for what the world will look like in 2021 and beyond.

In this episode we explore:
  • 1:50 – Sorelle's intuitive journey to becoming an artist & storyteller
  • 8:19 – How to manage labels and the pressure to pick a niche as a creative
  • 12:21 – The veil of social media, building offline connections, and living in real time
  • 18:40 – How 2020 is shifting the world: More opportunity for compassion
  • 24:21 – Tips for mindful travel + volunteering (without having to leave the country)
  • 30:44 – Sorelle's dream life, book rec, life-changing habit, best received advice & favorite part about life
  • 34:53 – Lavi Love takeaways you should reflect on today
Sorelle's links:
Show notes:
  • I want to strip back a little bit of that niche-niche-niche, and expand into being Sorelle.
  • Once you live a fulfilling dream, you want to bring others along on the journey with you.
  • There's so much more life experiences and depth that you get, if you are there to say “How can I help?”

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