201: Manifestation is real: Science proves it w/ Jonna Rose

The brain is our control center, storing everything from our beliefs to our trauma. But did you know the brain is also a transmitter? Science tells us that we hold the power to heal our brains and change our reality through meditating and manifesting. Jonna Rose cleared her brain scan and now helps others do the same.

Jonna Rose is a certified brain health professional, licensed neuro nuclear medicine & psychiatric nurse. She has worked in mental health for 8 years now and spends her days studying the brain. Jonna is passionate about connecting science with psychology and even spirituality. Outside of her clinics, she works to empower over 200K followers on TikTok with knowledge and resources to expand the mind and change your brain.


  • 14:28 – Brainwave states 101
  • 21:58 – Self-limiting belief systems
  • 32:24 – The science behind manifesting
  • 38:24 – EMDR – the power of our eye movements
  • 45:54 – Vibrations & healing frequencies
  • 48:07 – Cancer & belief systems
  • 53:57 – Brain hacks

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Healthy brain scan
Heroin brain scan.
Drug and alcohol abuse brain scan.
ADD brain scan.
Marijuana brain scan.
Healthy amygdala view.
Hyperactive amygdala view.
Crystallized water results in Masaru Emoto experiment.
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