202: Maya Lee on Planning Ahead While Staying Present

What if I told you you don’t always have to feel overwhelmed? When it comes to managing stress, learning new habits, navigating change, and overcoming procrastination, there are some things within our control. Maya Lee teaches us the beauty in doing things today for our future self’s peace of mind, while still enjoying the present moment. Becoming the person you want to be does not happen overnight, but you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Why not give it a try?

Maya Lee is an LA-based YouTuber who loves sharing her quirky and positive attitude throughout her lifestyle videos. She loves sharing her 5 am morning routines, encouraging viewers to move their bodies, while also offering life advice. As an only child, she always wished she had an older sister to go through life's challenges with, and she hopes to be that person for her viewers. She was an elementary school teacher for 6 years before deciding to let it go this Summer.


  • 12:37 – Transitioning out of teaching
  • 16:34 – Life hacks
  • 19:05 – Morning routine
  • 23:47 – Weekly habits
  • 28:13 – How to become a morning person
  • 34:35 – How to combat procrastination
  • 38:38 – How to find balance
  • 49:01 – Taking care of your mental health as a content creator

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