222: Navigating Impostor Syndrome and Achieving Your Dream Life with Samantha van der Sluis

When you're going after a big dream, challenges are inevitable. And one of these challenges is that you will have to deal with impostor syndrome.

In today's episode highlighting our community, Aileen talks to lavi love Samantha van der Sluis about her experience working in the video game industry, dealing with impostor syndrome, and finding success in creating her dream life.

Samantha is a New Zealand-born Australian music composer for various media including video games, films, TV, podcasts, and animation. She has worked in the music department for films including Star Wars IX, Toy Story 4, and Avengers: Endgame. Her love of games led her down the path to becoming a lead composer in the gaming industry.


  • 5:14 – Falling out of love with your passion
  • 6:01 – Samantha’s path to the gaming industry
  • 7:23 – Working in the game industry vs. the film industry
  • 17:07 – Lavendaire's impact on Samantha's life
  • 19:00 – Dealing with impostor syndrome
  • 21:11 – Finding success in a male-dominated industry as a woman
  • 27:55 – Tips for freelancers to get more projects
  • 29:49 – Achieving a dream
  • 30:27 – Samantha's creative process
  • 35:21 – Learning breeds confidence
  • 39:55 – Dealing with burnout and finding motivation
  • 43:57 – Definition of Samantha’s dream life

Screenshot of Samantha's color-coded DAW


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