228: Mental Health, Self-Care, & Living to the Fullest with Reese Regan

Mental health is an ongoing journey with struggles, ups and downs. It can be a challenging and exhausting experience, but it's important to remember that there is always hope for improvement. Every battle can teach us something new and valuable, leading us toward a brighter future. In this episode, Reese Regan joins Aileen to discuss the journey toward better mental health and her self-care practices and they delve into the significance of spirituality and living to the fullest!

Reese Regan is a Philadelphia-based content creator who uses her platforms to bring awareness to mental health and simple living. By sharing her own experiences battling her mental health, she hopes to make others feel less alone in their struggles and to build a supportive community.

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  • 1:26 How creating content helped Reese express herself
  • 6:43 Reese's mental health journey
  • 14:35 Mindset shift
  • 17:24 Self-care routine
  • 22:00 Resources that helped her with her spiritual journey
  • 23:30 Doing spirituality with friends
  • 24:46 The Future of Self-care, Spirituality, & the Internet
  • 29:27 Cycle syncing
  • 33:57 Using Crystals for spiritual growth
  • 37:10 Motivation for creating content
  • 40:09 Self-care over content creation
  • 41:37 Mental health battle

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