229: The Healing Power of Gua Sha with Dr. Eileen Li

Gua Sha — there’ s so much more to it than just facial gua sha. We all get aches and ills in our bodies, but our bodies have built-in mechanisms to heal itself. In this episode, Dr. Eileen Lee talks us through the history of gua sha in Chinese medicine, understanding and communicating with our bodies so we can feel great and live our best lives to the fullest.

Dr. Eileen Li is a second generation acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist, and licensed physical therapist who is passionate about making acupuncture and Chinese medicine accessible, so that people can teach their bodies how to heal themselves.


  • 2:22 Experience seeing Gua Sha as a child
  • 2:46 Gua Sha – a traditional Chinese healing technique
  • 3:46 What’s happening when you do Gua Sha?
  • 5:22 The Benefits of Gua Sha
  • 10:38 The meaning behind Gua Sha
  • 14:58 Your body is it’s own pharmacy
  • 17:32 How Gua sha helps with fevers
  • 19:36 Tools right in your kitchen
  • 22:23 Gua Sha for headaches
  • 30:45 No system in the body is isolated
  • 34:00 What is Gua Sha effective for?
  • 38:36 Gua sha and foot health
  • 42:08 Explaining the medicine and science behind some old Chinese cultural and traditional health sayings
  • 47:23 Foot health in Eastern vs Western cultures
  • 52:50 Covering up after doing Gua Sha
  • 57:30 Taking care of my vessel

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