230: Optimizing Your Productivity – The Power of $10K Work with Khe Hy

In this society, we are “addicted” to productivity and always being on the move, always having to be “busy” doing something. We often speak about rest, reflection and self-care as if it were the opposite to productivity and progress. In this episode, Khe Hy talks about how productivity is not the end, but the means, and how to work smarter and focus on the right things. Khe also discusses his philosophy and optimizing your life for ALIVENESS.

Khy Hy is the founder and CEO of RadReads, an online education company that helps professionals lead productive, examined and joyful lives. Khe is creator of the $10K Work productivity method and teaches the popular cohort-based course Supercharge Your Productivity. RadReads provides guides, trainings, and coaching for over 40,000 professionals to help them gain back free time, scale their impact and make their little dent in the universe.


  • 2:17 Looking back at the start on his journey as a creative
  • 5:15 The Pebble in My Shoe
  • 7:15 Optimising for Aliveness
  • 10:17 The Lottery Test
  • 13:11 The addiction to achievement
  • 19:02 Reconnecting with my childhood self
  • 21:43 Productivity and self worth – the means, not the end
  • 25:37 The 10K Work Framework
  • 32:38 Examples of 10K Work
  • 36:05 Think about your work like a book
  • 40:23 10K Work and 10K Questions
  • 45:54 The first step is awareness
  • 52:58 Aliveness and Flow
  • 57:38 I was my own worst boss – your inner self talk
  • 59:53 You don’t need to achieve something to be enough

How much do you really know about yourself?

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