231: Kristina Bazan on Nourishing Your Spirit & Creativity

Art, creativity, spirituality, fulfilment — they’re all interconnected. Join Aileen and entrepreneur and creator, Kristina Bazan, as they delve into the realm of the spirit and the self to discuss how our relationship with our own energies can influence ourselves internally, the work that we put out, and the world around us.

Kristina Bazan is an entrepreneur, artist, and spiritual seeker, opening gateways of knowledge by bridging music, fashion, and spirituality merged with grace, passion, and beauty to showcase their interconnectedness.


  • 2:22 The start of my eclectic story
  • 4:36 Finding my community
  • 7:25 Taking it day by day
  • 10:36 The dance between business and the creative
  • 16:46 A new chapter: A call to re-center
  • 18:55 You can make anything happen
  • 20:00 Art as medicine, to communicate, and transform
  • 22:55 Your life is your greatest art
  • 24:03 Reconnecting with my spirit and spirituality
  • 30:34 This world is built on stories
  • 35:20 Your voice matters
  • 39:50 About my new book “Through the Veils of Mystery”
  • 40:58 My experience with light beings
  • 46:39 The integration period
  • 50:08 Reconnecting with the power of feeling
  • 51:51 Our feminine and masculine polarities
  • 1:03:19 You are absolutely perfect

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