232: Embracing the Power Within with Rachel Lim

Your biggest investment is yourself. Most of us don’t start out being great at anything. But we can learn, grow, and improve along the way. And if somewhere down the line you realise you’re not quite on the right path, you have the power to change that for your self.

Rachel Lim is the co-founder of Southeast Asia's leading womenswear brand Love, Bonito, an evolving brand taking on a meaningful approach to fashion.

Join Aileen and Rachel as they discuss what it really means to be a good leader, the importance or staying curious, and how you have the power to change the trajectory and path of your life.


  • 1:53 How it all started
  • 8:54 Firing bullets before cannonballs
  • 11:08 How Love, Bonito has evolved
  • 12:45 Rediscovering our why
  • 14:57 We are nothing without the team
  • 17:21 Learning along the way
  • 22:16 Finding the right people
  • 26:33 Always learning and growing from every opportunity
  • 29:04 The value in being curious
  • 30:44 I am my own mountain to overcome
  • 35:27 Turning inward and reflecting on myself
  • 37:26 Success: All the it seems, and what it isn’t
  • 38:43 It’s about the journey, not the destination
  • 43:11 How I prioritise what to focus on
  • 47:11 What I wish I knew earlier
  • 50:42 Will I know who I really am?
  • 51:33 What comes next

How much do you really know about yourself?

Discover more about yourself and what you want out of life with this free downloadable list of 30 self reflection journaling prompts.

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