233: Start to Heal: Letting Go of Your Pain Identity with Inka Land

Your thoughts make up your reality. Positive affirmations, mindset, actions, and healthier living choices. All these play a part in both our physical and mental wellbeing.

A psychologist with a MSc in Neuropsychology, Inka is also a YouTuber, author, and educator inspiring people for better mental and brain health and wellness. She draws from her knowledge in science and experience in healing to share actionable advice on wellness.

Join Inka and Aileen as they discuss how much taking care of our physical brains and bodies contribute to our mental health.


  • 1:24 My story: Getting into the space of brain health and mental health
  • 6:02 The start of my healing
  • 10:32 Mindset Shift: Letting go of your pain identity
  • 16:34 The links between Brain Health and Mental Wellness
  • 24:18 Neuroplasticity: Developing your power to change your life
  • 28:19 My daily routine
  • 32:06 Supplements: What do we need to know
  • 36:12 Don’t overdo it
  • 37:18 Dopamine vs Serotonin
  • 48:18 The importance of genuine connections
  • 50:24 What contributes to Longevity
  • 45:35 Acts of Kindness: The Ripple Effect
  • 58:47 Your thoughts make up your reality

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