236: Manifest Your Best Year in 2024 | The Magic of October in Numerology with Joy Woodward

What makes October such a special month in numerology—and how can knowing this help you? You can influence the energy of the following year, and manifest more effectively using the tips we discuss in today’s episode. Join Aileen and Joy as they discuss how you can utilise the clues to your future in unexpected events, the importance of clearing out clutter—three major kinds!—and how to create space so you can invite in new experiences and opportunities. Because the universe is so much more magical than we give it credit for.

Joy Woodward is an internationally acclaimed Pythagorean numerologist, reader, healer, the founder of the Joy of Numerology, and bestselling author of “A Beginner's Guide to Numerology.” With her expertise, she is revolutionizing our understanding of the mystical language of numbers, and has empowered thousands, including celebrities and influencers, to optimize personal performance, ignite soul-aligned connections, and overcome barriers to success.

Featured in Women's Health and Well + Good, Joy brings a fresh and modern perspective to Numerology. Her dynamic personality and intuitive insights have made her a sought-after expert in the field. Joy lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with her husband and dog Wolfgang, where her intuitive readings continue to transform lives.


  • 07:33 – Numerology 101
  • 14:51 – The Number 1: independent
  • 16:00 – The Number 2: sensitive
  • 18:45 – The Number 3: creative & communicative
  • 20:21 – The Number 4: justice & structure oriented
  • 21:10 – The Number 5: adventurous & free
  • 22:27 – The Number 6: nurturing
  • 24:02 – The Number 7: wise & solitaire
  • 24:57 – The Number 8: business-oriented
  • 26:42 – The Number 9: humanitarian
  • 45:14 – What are the numbers in your control?
  • 55:38 – 2023 Numerology Guidance

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