237: Joyce Pring: The Journey of Purpose, Growth, and Showing up for Yourself

It can be tough to figure out your purpose in this life, all while trying to balance a career, motherhood, family, and making time to care for yourself. The journey may be long and hard, and you might get stuck at where to begin.

Join Joyce and Aileen as they talk about how the meaning of success can evolve as you go through your life journey, the importance of having time to take care of yourself, and how you can change your mindset to motivate yourself in the face of setbacks and trials.

Joyce Pring is a TV Presenter, podcast host, keynote speaker, and World Vision Ambassador, and founder and host of the award-winning podcast Adulting with Joyce Pring, impacting millions of lives through her platforms and content, helping people maximize their individual potential, for the greater good.


  • 1:59 The start of my story
  • 4:52 When I content started shifting
  • 10:45 My journey in finding my purpose
  • 13:45 The evolution of the meaning of success
  • 18:28 Prioritising and protecting your peace
  • 19:16 How I approach life and goals
  • 24:50 My morning and evening routines
  • 26:41 The importance of time for yourself
  • 29:15 How my perspective on life has changed
  • 31:30 Balancing the fast pace of career and family
  • 40:00 For when you’re unmotivated in the face of setbacks
  • 44:19 How the trials shaped who I am today
  • 46:08 How my success and purpose came about through my journey
  • 48:35 Advice I would tell my younger self

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