238: Jules Acree on Intentional Productivity & Aligning with Your Inner Self

Having a full to-do list might make us feel like we’re getting more done. But are we actually being productive or are we just being ‘busy’? In this episode, Aileen and Jules discuss intentional productivity, finding systems that work for you, and the importance of allowing flexibility to grow and evolve.

Jules Acree is a YouTuber, founder of The Homebodies, and writer of the Slow Brew Sunday newsletter & podcast. Her mission is to help people find more ease in our fast-paced digital age, through her lens of mindfulness, self-care, and intentional productivity.


  • 1:25 Jules’ journey to intentional productivity
  • 3:13 What is intentional productivity?
  • 6:48 What she does when things feel imbalanced
  • 10:20 Why is it important to find systems that work for you?
  • 16:40 How Jules prioritises her day
  • 18:10 Picking up ideas with momentum
  • 20:51 Jules’ favourite exercise
  • 22:30 Getting a hold on your Tech and Home environment
  • 32:41 Jules’ journey as a creator and entrepreneur
  • 37:05 The moment when it all clicked
  • 38:18 On using social media more intentionally
  • 40:10 Releasing the guilt on being “unproductive”
  • 45:06 What inspired Jules to start her podcast

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