239: Slow Living – Creating your Inner Peace and Dream Life with Paola Merrill

In our fast-paced digital world, it can be difficult or even sometimes counter-intuitive to think about slow living. We want to keep pace with everything and stay ahead. But how do we balance this with our desire to be at peace with ourselves and our lives? In this episode, Aileen and Paola talk about the importance of slowing down, being aware of how you perceive yourself, and how you can create your inner peace on your own terms.

Paola Merrill is a Puerto Rican American writer, artist, and the creator of the youtube channel TheCottageFairy. She creates meditative short films focused on slow living and bringing awareness to the beauty of wild lands.


  • 1:50 Growing up and what led to slow living
  • 12:18 How Paola’s Youtube channel The Cottage Fairy grew
  • 15:31 How Paola’s love of fairytales influenced her art and life
  • 19:50 Changing location can help change your mindset
  • 22:32 Being aware of how you perceive yourself
  • 24:14 Paola’s dream life growing up
  • 27:08 Being your own safe space
  • 31:03 The invisible journey to find your courage
  • 35:10 The story of when Paola worked at a bookstore
  • 36:03 How Paola’s book was written
  • 40:55 The importance of taking care of yourself and slowing down
  • 44:23 Being peaceful and mindful as a business owner and content creator

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