242: Becoming the Person You Want to Be

Most of our paths aren't are straight or easy as they seem on the outside. Our stories are never finished and are still being written in every day of our lives. In this episode, Aileen talks about her own journey to release her album ‘Honestly,' and how that journey led to the birth of Lavendaire.

Aileen is a content creator, entrepreneur and artist of life, creating content, resources & lifestyle products that empower you to help you become your best self, make positive changes, and create beautiful, meaningful life.


  • 0:53 The beginnings of Aileen’s story
  • 1:33 The year leading up to Aileen’s first album: Honestly
  • 3:48 Writing the song ‘Honestly’
  • 4:25 How Aileen’s album came about
  • 5:09 The story behind ‘Honestly’
  • 5:29 ‘Honestly’ by Aileen Xu
  • 10:04 Aileen reveals her thoughts and feeling on this song
  • 10:31 When and how Lavendaire started
  • 11:50 About her song ’The War’
  • 12:41 ‘The War’ by Aileen Xu
  • 17:30 Aileen’s thoughts and feeling on ’The War’
  • 18:86 You’ve got to start somewhere
  • 19:42 Commitment and dedication on your baby steps
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