243: Deconstructing to Reorganize and Build Your Best Life with Anh Lin

While we cannot undo or erase our painful traumatic experiences, we certainly learn from these experiences. In this episode, Anh and Aileen discuss how we can heal from our traumas, the importance of trauma therapy, and use your pain to help you find your internal strength to evolve into the healed and whole version of yourself to live a full life.

Anh Lin is an interior stylist, founder of the faith and lifestyle blog Girl and the Word, and the creator of a video devotional series called The Abundant Life and the author of the new Christian nonfiction, Forever Home: Moving Beyond Brokenness to Build a Strong and Beautiful Life.


  • 02:18 Anh Lin’s mission and purpose for what she does
  • 05:00 How Anh Lin separates work and hobby creativity
  • 06:15 What Anh Lin’s new book Forever Home is about
  • 11:27 The difference between talk therapy and trauma therapy
  • 13:30 Anh Lin shares her life story
  • 20:39 How to prepare for triggers
  • 21:50 Talking about what EMDR is
  • 25:15 Box breathing
  • 26:20 Post-traumatic wisdom
  • 27:17 How to use trauma as a reference or guidance for others
  • 30:30 Anh Lin’s experience with marriage and healing
  • 35:57 Aileen and Anh Lin discuss triggers and unhealed trauma
  • 36:57 Anh Lin shares about the book No Bad Parts and leading our inner children
  • 41:00 What’s next for Anh Lin
  • 43:38 Anh Lin’s advice for listeners

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