244: Mimi Ikonn on Success and Living Authentically

Discovering the path for your life can be a challenge. To manifest your dream life, it's vital to invest time in clarifying precisely what you desire. Join Mimi and Aileen as they talk about the importance of affirmations and manifestation within the realm of business. Discover the vital aspect of persistently putting in the work, overcoming challenges encountered on the journey, and unraveling the key elements contributing to Mimi’s business triumphs.

Mimi Ikon is an entrepreneurial figure and influencer, renowned as the creator of the hair extension brand, Luxy Hair, which was acquired in 2018. She is also a co-creator at Intelligent Change, the brand who created the 5-minute journal, positively affecting countless lives with her merchandise and content. Instead of letting life take charge, Mimi inspires everyone to take the reins and visualize a life that makes them feel alive and excited.


  • 1:50 How Mimi found success as an online creator
  • 6:02 Taking risks in life & serendipities in business
  • 6:24 Organic growth in your brand through alignment and abundance
  • 11:09 What's the motivation that keeps Mimi moving forward?
  • 13:51 The story of creating Inteligent Change & the 5-Minute Journal
  • 16:55 Meditation and gratitude’s role in Mimi’s journey
  • 18:33 The power of having a vision for manifesting
  • 21:49 Current role of Mimi
  • 23:36 Why would you tell a negative story to yourself?
  • 25:44 The vision for Intelligent Change
  • 27:09 Raising our vibrations globally through peace
  • 30:40 Be the change you want to see in the world
  • 34:04 Overcoming challenges that arose along the way
  • 36:11 Intuition & mindset shifting to make your vision a reality
  • 41:26 Separation announcement
  • 58:57 What is the dream life Mimi is creating in 2024?
  • 1:01:14 Define the values you want to live by
  • 1:06:30 Magic happens outside of our comfort zone


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