245: The Art of Living Fully with Joe Huff & Bridget Hilton

Frequently, we find ourselves postponing our dreams, thinking they'll happen “someday.” But today we questioned this tendency, inviting a contemplation of life's richness that extends far beyond the conventional metrics of wealth. In this episode, Bridget Hilton, Joe Huff and Aileen Xu navigate the art, science, and path to constructing a life abundant in meaningful experiences.

Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff are entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of experiences. In a world fixated on financial success, they remind us that the regrets of those at life's end barely revolve around money. Instead, the regrets echo the experiences left unexplored. Their journey is a testament to the richness of a life lived intentionally. Their recently released book, “Build a Life Rich in Experiences and Die With No Regrets,” serves as a blueprint backed by research on the art, science, and path to building a life rich in experiences.


  • 1:53 The Experiential Billionaire concept
  • 2:25 What is the key to a fulfilling life?
  • 2:49 The story of Joe Huff
  • 12:53 The story of Bridget Hilton
  • 22:29 Mindset shift on time
  • 23:47 Mindset shift on experiences
  • 27:54 How do Joe Huff and Bridget Hilton plan their personal goals?
  • 30:27 The wealth metaphor of Experiential Billionaire
  • 32:09 Experiences vs making money
  • 36:29 Action is where all the wealth is
  • 38:39 Treasure map exercise
  • 50:52 Fear of success
  • 52:04 It is possible to make time for everything
  • 1:01:17 What are Joe Huff and Bridget Hilton most excited about for the future?
  • 1:03:38 What is one thing that Aileen wants to do that's on her list for someday?

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