247: Mastering Charisma & People Skills with Vanessa Van Edwards

Wondering if it's possible for introverts to become skilled communicators and thrive in social situations? Absolutely. In this episode, Vanessa shares her personal journey, proving that being born as an introvert is just the starting point. With insightful tips, practical advice, and relatable stories, Vanessa empowers both introverts and extroverts to navigate networking, master small talk, and elevate their social skills. Discover how breaking free from limitations can unlock a world of possibilities in the realm of meaningful connections!

Vanessa Van Edwards is not only a bestselling author but also a researcher specializing in communication and leadership. Widely recognized for her TED Talk, which has over 50 million viewers on YouTube, Vanessa's influence extends to major media outlets such as Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, and CBS. Her bestselling book, “Captivate,” has been translated into 17 languages. The success continues with her latest release, “Cues: Master the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication,” affirming Vanessa's standing as a thought leader in her field.


  • 1:40 How did Vanessa acquired expertise on social skills
  • 3:27 What were the main things Vanessa learned on her journey
  • 4:13 The building blocks of charisma
  • 7:38 Interpreting body language cues
  • 13:55 What does competence mean in the context of a first impression?
  • 16:45 Insights into human connection
  • 19:23 Dealing with difficult people in our lives
  • 20:09 Tips on initiating and sustaining a conversation
  • 23:47 Advice for building self-esteem
  • 25:50 How to connect with anyone
  • 26:49 How can you earn respect and inspire followership
  • 28:30 Practical exercise testing our warmth and competence
  • 29:24 The five people with whom you spend the majority of your time
  • 29:50 Final message from Vanessa

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