248: Wealth Building with Confidence with Vivian Tu (Your Rich BFF)

Have you ever wondered which are the secrets to building wealth and achieving financial success? In this episode, we covered everything from Vivian’s upcoming book release to her insights on mindful money moves and the power of financial freedom. Get to know her perspective on retirement and the role it plays in her financial journey.

As a former Wall Street trader-turned-expert, educator, public speaker, host, entrepreneur, and the visionary founder and CEO of Your Rich BFF, a financial equity platform, Vivian is dedicated to making financial literacy better. She is the writer behind RICH AF: The Winning Money Mindset That Will Change Your Life, available from December 26th. Additionally, she honors on both the Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30 – Social Media’ (2023) and inaugural ‘Top Creators’ lists.


  • 1:30 Upcoming book release
  • 3:23 Vivian’s story and background
  • 10:03 How does it feel for Vivian to learn & grow that fast?
  • 11:34 How long did it take before Vivian started hiring a team?
  • 15:39 Vivian’s most popular video
  • 18:27 Secrets to building wealth
  • 21:07 Vivian’s opinion on saving and investment percentages
  • 22:05 The money mindset
  • 23:35 How we visualize rich people
  • 26:02 Common misconception about investing
  • 29:13 Tips on investing
  • 30:26 The worst think you can do when investing
  • 31:59 The main takeaways from Vivian’s new book
  • 35:29 The confidence to ask for salary raises
  • 44:25 Budgeting
  • 46:56 Mindful money moves in the creator industry
  • 50:39 Vivian’s thoughts on retirement
  • 51:34 Overview of Vivian’s week
  • 53:30 Vivian’s excitement about the future
  • 54:35 One of the most powerful things we can do

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