249: 8 Levels to Creating Your Dream Life

In this episode, Aileen explores the stages of creating your dream life – from the initial awakening to the gratifying act of giving back. Recognizing the unique paths we all tread, this episode delivers beautiful insights to creating our dream life in 2024.

This episode marks the finale until March 2024 – stay tuned for a renewed wave of content coming your way in the spring!

Aileen is a content creator, entrepreneur and artist of life, creating content, resources & lifestyle products that empower you to help you become your best self, make positive changes, and create beautiful, meaningful life.


  • 1:17 The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast news
  • 3:07 The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast review
  • 3:54 Everyone’s journey is different
  • 5:14 First stage of creating your dream life: waking up
  • 12:46 Second stage: having a vision for your ideal life
  • 18:09 Third stage: exploring and testing (open ended action)
  • 26:30 Fourth stage: focused action (doing the thing)
  • 32:25 Fifth stage: lifestyle design
  • 40:05 Sixth stage: financial freedom
  • 43:38 Seventh stage: when money doesn’t matter anymore
  • 46:15 Eighth stage: giving back (tangible or intangible)
  • 52:00 New Year Workshops with Aileen
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